Organic Essential Oils, CBD Ointments & CBD Hydrosols

About Us

Seres is the Spanish word for, “being or to become.” We are all in the process of evolving and growing, so why not elevate the experience? Seres Products are here to assist in the process of healing on all levels. Physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Aloha! My name is Kristi. I started Seres in 2002 in Santa Fe, NM. Seres began as a result of my passion for aromatherapy. I have been a massage therapist, aromatherapist, and teacher of both for over 30 years. 

I started using essential oils, hydrosols and CBD with my clients, my students, and personally, and I began to witness profound results. The foundation of SERES it’s based on my calling and interest to be of service, and  to empower people to heal themselves. My mission for Seres has always been to make organic therapeutic grade products available to others to support them in their personal journey of health and healing. 

Seres is now based out of Kauai and Lake Tahoe, and has become a family operated business. We have sought out the highest quality ingredients to use in our products. All  of  our  products are  organic, non GMO, never tested on animals, and 5% of all sales is given to either the Coral Reef Alliance or Keep Tahoe Blue, in our effort to help preserve a couple of our favorite places on earth!